We're launching on TikTok & YouTube! - Send us a video to receive a £50 voucher

We're launching on TikTok and YouTube so need you're help! We would love it if you could send user-generated content (UGC) to us, we appreciate your creativity and participation! Here's a simple guide on how to shoot and send in your UGC


1. Capture Your Content: Begin by creating your UGC. It’s Video from you we are after!


2. Highlight Your Unique Perspective: Share your personal story, experiences, or insights. Your individuality is what makes UGC special. Be real and true to yourself.


3. Check for Quality: Ensure your content is well-focused, well-lit, and free from excessive background noise.


4. It doesn’t need to be professional! That’s the best thing about UGC, just use your phone and shoot away as you feel most comfortable!


5. Send It In: Once you've created and reviewed your content, use our designated submission platform or email address to send it to us.


6. Consent and Permissions: If your UGC includes individuals other than yourself, make sure you have their consent to use their likeness or contributions. This is especially important for privacy and legal reasons.


7. Tag and Share: If you'd like us to feature your content on social media or our website, use relevant hashtags or mention our official handles when you send it. This helps us find and acknowledge your contribution.


8. Be Patient: We receive many submissions, so it might take some time for us to review and respond. We appreciate your patience…

Here’s an example of what kind of video you can send us: